Renting a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra

Motorcycles are beloved by many people, and for good reason. Motorcycles are fun and different compared to traditional cars, and they give you the chance to feel the warm breeze and enjoy the powerful purr of the engine. A trip to southern Cali isn’t complete without a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental in San Diego, CA. But with so many different makes and models to choose from, how do you decide on which Harley-Davidson bike rental to go with? Well, it helps if you understand everything the Electra Glide Ultra has to offer. Here’s what you should know about this must-have motorcycle.

Classic Favorite

One of the top choices for Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals is the Electra Glide Ultra, a luxury long-haul bike that’s perfect for afternoon cruises and sunset rides. Leaders in Harley rentals often get asked about this model, which features the Milwaukee Eight Engine with a 1754cc motor. There’s plenty of power, so you can fulfill your need for speed while staying safe and secure on a top-of-the-line motorcycle. You can also count on the highly responsive front and rear suspension with state-of-the-art stopping control thanks to ABS Brembo brakes. Open roads and congested areas are no match for this motorcycle that gives both new and experienced riders the urge to get back on their bikes.

Awesome Acceleration

Another aspect of the Electra Glide Ultra is the unparalleled acceleration, assisted by a strong motor that perfectly manages cool and hot temperatures. Every twist and turn is sleek and smooth with quick, crispy acceleration. You can easily pass others or get out of traffic with an efficient six-speed transmission. A lot of Electra Glide Ultra riders note how easy it is to find neutral with a fast flick, and the Milwaukee Eight motor is considered one of the top V-Twin engines available today. You won’t be missing out on any speed or power with this one, and it’s a welcome change from a car, SUV, or truck.

Cargo Space and Protection

In addition to the remarkable engine power, the Electra Glide Ultra comes with leg protectors near the seats and proper cooling for hot days. Then there’s the generous cargo space so you can pack all your gear for the beach or mountains. Bring snacks, drinks, and a change of clothes with you along with helmets and jackets. With your belongings safely stowed away in the cargo compartment, you can get a feel for the uninterrupted dashboard view. Some models come with a touchscreen if that’s something you’re interested in, which your bike rental company could help you with.

Comfortable Riding

Last but certainly not least, many motorcycle enthusiasts appreciate the unmistakably smooth ride of the Electra Glide Ultra. In terms of comfort and control, this motorcycle is super easy to handle and ride for hours at a time without stopping. The two-person bike has a solid suspension and optimal passing power so that you can make the most of your motorcycle rental. Whether you’re going for a solo trip down the coast or a day trip with your significant other, you can look forward to a sweet ride with a narrow and neat neck saddle and a deep drop bucket seat for the best back support. The passenger space is nice and wide with ample arm and backrests to prevent soreness after long rides.

If you’re ready to hit the road with a safe and cheap motorcycle rental in San Diego, CA, visit Cycle Visions Rental today.

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