Should You Rent or Buy a Motorcycle?

For years, the only way a person could have guaranteed access to a motorcycle was to buy one. Occasional riders could potentially borrow a spare bike from a friend, but for the most part, if you wanted to enjoy the freedom of life on the open road from the back of a motorcycle, your best bet was to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Now, however, motorcycle rental in San Diego has provided additional options to prospective motorcyclists who want the thrill of an occasional motorcycle ride but aren’t quite ready to commit to a purchase. While there are still plenty of bikers who would rather own and ride their own motorcycle, rental provides some benefits to riders who may be peripheral participants in bike culture instead of living life on two wheels every day. Deciding whether to rent or buy a motorcycle may seem challenging, but it’s quite simple when you consider a few key factors. Keep reading to learn how you can decide whether you’re better off renting or buying a motorcycle.

Comprehensive Costs of Ownership

The first criterion that many people consider when thinking about motorcycle ownership is the associated cost. The bike itself will cost a hefty amount. Payments for a new motorcycle can easily run into hundreds of dollars per month. That’s before you factor in the cost of insurance, maintenance, and accessories that are required for riding. When determining the budget for a motorcycle purchase, all factors must be considered to get an accurate picture of the comprehensive cost and whether it fits within your budget. Rental, on the other hand, offers an extremely low intro point that provides access to a bike at any time. You only pay for the time you’re using the bike, so unlike a bike you own, you aren’t paying the same amount whether the bike is being used or sitting in the garage.

Type of Riding

Another factor to consider when deciding between renting or purchasing is how you plan to use the motorcycle. If you want a motorcycle to become your daily driver, the cost of renting would quickly become prohibitive, and you’d be better off buying your own bike. Also, if you want to ride a specialized type of motorcycle, such as a trike, scooter, or off-road bike, you may have a hard time finding a rental business that offers those options. In that situation, your only choice may be to buy. If you like to ride off-road or explore on your rides, you may also want to avoid renting since any damage caused by reckless or extreme riding could cost you a tremendous amount of money when you turn the rental in.

Frequency of Use

In many parts of the country, riding a motorcycle may be impractical, unpleasant, or ill-advised during certain types of the year. If that’s the case where you live, purchasing a motorcycle that will sit in your garage unused for half the year may not make much sense. In those circumstances, renting may be the better option. If you only plan to ride a couple of times a year for fun and relaxation, renting is a great choice. However, if you’re looking to trim your fuel budget by using a bike for your daily commute, the smart decision is to buy a bike of your own.

Thanks to bike rental in San Diego, you now have options when it comes to enjoying life on the back of a motorcycle. By considering the cost of ownership, how often you’ll use it, and the type of riding you prefer, you can decide whether renting or purchasing makes more sense for you. If you want to rent a motorcycle, contact Cycle Visions Rental at (619) 795-1795.

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