5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Motorcycle

Whether you don’t ride enough to warrant purchasing your own bike or simply want some variety in motorcycle selection, bike rental in San Diego, CA, can make a lot of sense. There are many reasons that riders opt for Harley-Davidson or Ducati bike rental, and most of them are grounded in practicality. For example, maybe your personal bike is a Harley, but you want the feel of a sportbike every once in a while. Rental provides you with the opportunity to ride whatever you like. Maybe you want to buy a bike, but you want to test drive a wide range of motorcycles before committing to one model. Or, maybe you’re a casual biker who only rides two or three times a year. In those cases, it makes more sense to rent a motorcycle when you need one instead of paying for a bike that spends most of its life sitting idle in your garage.

Though San Diego motorcycle rentals provide solutions to some common problems experienced by riders, there are some pitfalls when it comes to renting a bike. Keep reading to learn about 5 mistakes that you should try to avoid when renting a motorcycle.

Mistake 1: Overloading the Bike

This mistake occurs most commonly among riders who aren’t accustomed to riding a bike very often. Some novice or casual riders who don’t own a bike are among the usual suspects when it comes to motorcycle rental. However, such inexperienced riders may not understand the significance of adding weight to the bike. Not only will added, unnecessary items tax your limited storage capacity on a motorcycle, but the added weight can also impact the balance, handling, and performance of the bike.

Mistake 2: Renting Too Much Bike

Unless you’re an experienced rider, you should always err on the side of caution when selecting a motorcycle for rental. Your impulse may be to rent something fast and powerful, but that’s not necessarily in the best interest of your safety. The more power a motorcycle has, the lower your margin for error on the roadway. When you rent too much bike for your skill level and experience, you put yourself in jeopardy. Start with a reasonably powered bike for your size and experience level and work up from there as you become more comfortable with riding.

Mistake 3: Renting the Wrong Bike

When selecting a rental bike, make sure that you’re comfortable with the style of motorcycle you’re selecting. For example, if your riding experience was mostly accrued on a classic cruiser, you may not want to rent a sportbike for long-distance travel. Different types of motorcycles handle differently and require varying riding styles, so stick with the kind of bikes you’re already accustomed to riding.

Mistake 4: Failing to Secure Insurance

You wouldn’t rent a car without insurance, and the same holds true when renting a motorcycle. Just because a bike is seen as a fun, rebellious mode of transportation doesn’t mean that you don’t need to perform your due diligence. Some states and rental companies will require you to have insurance prior to rental, but even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your financial standing by finding insurance before you rent.

Mistake 5: Not Dressing the Part

Experienced riders understand the importance of proper attire and safety gear when riding a bike. However, some newcomers who are renting a motorcycle may not understand the role of safety gear and proper dress when riding. A helmet is a must, even in states that may not require you to wear one by law. However, it’s also important to protect yourself by wearing long pants and sleeves in many cases. Eye protection in the form of sunglasses is advisable, and gloves may also provide you with an extra layer of protection. Finally, make sure to avoid any open shoes, and opt for boots if possible to ensure your feet remain unscathed.

Whether you’re considering Harley-Davidson or Ducati motorcycle rental in San Diego, CA, it’s important that you avoid these common mistakes when selecting a bike. If you’re ready to rent a motorcycle, contact Cycle Visions Rental at (619) 795-1795.

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