Should You Rent a Motorcycle?

For a long time now, you’ve dreamed of buying a motorcycle and hitting the Pacific Coast Highway. Even though you’ve considered all the options and the costs, you still can’t decide whether or not to make the leap into motorcycle ownership. But have you looked into a cheap motorcycle rental instead? Buying a motorcycle is a long-term financial commitment. Instead, consider some reasons why renting a motorcycle in San Diego is a great solution.

Trying Out Different Models

Motorcycle rental allows you to check out a variety of bike models and experience their rideability on the open road. Maybe you’ve always had your eye on the legendary Harley Davidson Sportster. Renting one of these big cruisers allows you to experience why Harley Davidson is one of the top go-tos for dream machines. But there are other bike models that deserve a try. Try out the Ducati, a great sport-touring bike that loves long, curvy roads. Or, if you’re a newcomer to the motorcycle world, consider a smaller, lighter-weight cruiser made by Honda. Every motorcycle has its benefits. Renting lets you determine which features stand out for you.

Enjoy a Motorcycle Getaway

Not only can you rent a motorcycle for a day trip, but some rental shops offer two-week, unlimited mileage rentals as well. Cruising in a car down the open road doesn’t compare to the freedom of a two-wheeled road cruiser. From San Diego, you have a choice of beautiful, scenic routes for motorcycle getaways, whether it’s a day trip down the Sunrise Highway to the Laguna Mountains or a historical adventure through ghost towns and casinos on Old Highway 80. Check with the motorcycle rental shop about any tours they offer. Rent a smooth-riding, comfortable bike like the Indian Chieftan to truly appreciate the benefits of highway travel by motorcycle.

No Cost to You for Maintenance

When you rent a motorcycle, the upkeep isn’t your responsibility. Reputable motorcycle rental shops use only certified technicians for servicing their bikes. This ensures you can rent a motorcycle with confidence, knowing it has been well-maintained. If the bike should break down while you’re on the road, the expense is generally covered by a factory warranty, unless the problem is one you caused, such as damages to the body or a dead battery caused by you leaving the lights on. Great shops will do their best to get you back on the road as soon as possible following a breakdown.

Insurance and Extras Are Included in the Rental Rate

When you own a motorcycle, insurance is a fact of life. Rates depend on the type of motorcycle you’ve purchased. When you rent, the cost of the insurance is included in the rental price and covers damages or theft that exceeds the deductible. Some shops throw in helmets as well. Before you begin your journey, you’ll get a one-on-one tutorial about the motorcycle you’ve rented, and you can ask questions and clarify any concerns you have. Shops may include customized maps for your trip, too.

When it comes to San Diego motorcycle rentals, CycleVisions is a top choice for those who seek quality, late-model bikes, and personalized customer service. When you search for “motorcycle rentals near me” and land on our website, you’ll not only discover descriptions of our bikes, but you’ll also find codes for discounts and a listing of day trips and extended tours we offer for our customers. And, if you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special in your life, visit to see our selection of rental gift certificates.

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