What to Expect From a Ducati Motorcycle

Most of the big motorcycle companies in the industry create a wide range of quality products, with each model having something unique to offer. These manufacturers cater to every level of user, from beginner to advanced riders, which is why their brands are well known and loved by many.

But, one corporation only has a few models on a narrow spectrum of engine capacities; yet it remains at the top of the industry’s most successful businesses. It solely caters to superbike aficionados who have an eye for form and aesthetic. A household name with a strong Italian soul, it’s none other than the international brand, Ducati. Here’s what to expect from their two-wheel steeds when you choose one from a motorcycle rental company in San Diego:

Handmade Motorcycles

If you buy or rent a Ducati, you get an exclusive handmade motorcycle. It’s one of the things that make them truly special and the reason they’re priced at a premium. The company doesn’t use automatic assembly lines with dedicated machinery to mass-produce their superbikes. Instead, they have skilled artisans who meticulously craft every unit.

It’s not like they bend the carbon steel chassis or shape the bodywork with human strength. But, there’s a significant absence of automation in factories. It allows Ducati to check every stage of the process and examine the quality of each component that goes into their motorcycles.

Desmodromic Technology

Motorcycles have poppet valves to regulate the flow of air in and let the exhaust gasses out of the combustion chambers. All four-stroke engines have an overhead cam to open this device and a stiff spring to close it. But, for Ducati units, it’s different. They use desmodromic systems or desmo for this function. Each superbike, from the entry-level Scrambler 62 to the million-dollar Moto-GP, has this technology.

While traditional springs force the valves closed by pushing them back to their original position, desmo rests against the collars on the system and pulls it shut. This way, the opening and closing motion is positively controlled at all times, lessening the stress on the device and extending its life. This makes it easier for individuals and motorcycle rental companies to maintain their Ducati units.

Aside from that, desmo technology helps the engine power up a bike more efficiently. It also prevents the oil, water, and a lot of smoke from coming out of the exhaust pipe, which was common among motorcycles in the ’40s and ’50s when race motors started to rev high.

V-Twin and V4 Engines

No other brand has bound its name so tightly to a motorcycle component as Ducati has with its V-twin engines. The superbike manufacturer incorporated them into their products in 1971 because air cooling worked better on separate cylinders back then. The company stuck with this kind of motor despite innovations in the industry. Ducati is a heritage brand, and it’s not one to change its products aesthetically or mechanically just to show the latest advancements in technology.

But, things took a strategic turn in 2018 when the company announced that it was finally shifting to V4s. It allowed them to combine a superbikes’ racing features with a durable engine. This stirred mixed reactions from Ducati enthusiasts. Some were excited about the change; others said that the motor was too much for the road.

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