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New to motorcycling or a seasoned pro? At Cycle Visions Rental, we rent a full range of new models motorcycles in San Diego. We offer beginner bikes for taking a leisurely ride or a drivers test like the Honda Rebel. We also offer mid sized sporty bikes like our Triumph line up. These smaller and mid sized bike are good for beginners and pros alike. With their lower stance and lighter weight beginners can feel more comfortable and stable while more experienced riders can enjoy the performance and agility of a canyon carving sport bike. Riding two up? If you are looking for a more comfortable, upright sitting position or riding double, consider on of our touring bikes. We offer Harley and Indian touring bikes. These larger, heavier bikes still offer great performance while adding comfort and room for two riders. These bike may be better suited for multi day rides or longer distance trips. Not sure about two wheels but want to experience the thrill of motorcycling? We offer this thrill while only requiring the skills akin to driving a car? We also offer the Polaris Slingshot three wheel motorcycle This is  must try thriller any most anyone can easily drive it.

Given our wide range, just remember to pick a bike that suits your trip, skill and passengers.If your not sure, just call us and we will be happy to make further suggestions. Come to San Diego and rent a motorcycle from Cycle Visions Rental today.

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